Validated learning

– Mehrere Produkte in ein Video … Besser Ein Produkt als 1 Keyword und dann eine Playlist daraus!
Beispiel: Test Produkt XYZ > Playlist Beste Kettensägen 2016
– No split test … Have to find some ways and places to do this.
– No rank tracking for YT AND GOOGLE !!! … Now have both. Still looking for an combination of tube and
Google. But all tools are not the best. Or offline. Or really expensive. Or can’t import mass links/KWords. I
tested a lot there.
– YT algo change: dislikes and g+ are terrible important now!!! … Have cheap likes now.
-Bad competition … Somehow rank better cause they have less dislikes. I can give them a few dislikes
now of my 50+ g accs but I have to be careful if too much they lock YT…
-Good competition . They have more views, better videos, higher authority. Hard to beat them. So better
accept and move or or try different KW. But good thing is: if there is competition, there is also search
-Spam competition…. Just give them one dislike and report. Still it’s hard, cause I have to rank check a
ton of video and report&dislike them. That’s why I use the rank tool.
-Sponsored competition. You really can’t do anything here. Just add their video to your playlist …
-No REAL explicit online training: eg paid courses / mentoring/ coaching. Just some crappy wso ebooks…
Paid crypto to teach me.. Was worth it. I should at least spend 10% of net revenue on training.
– not enough general training like reading startup or bizz books. Should read a book once a month and try
to implement sth. Doing this now.
– no new voices. Like books, course, groups, training. Forum. Doing this now.
– not using BHW for advice, questions, motivation!! Still best forum cause everyone there wants to bank
money. Doing this now
– no re-investment of revenue: eg views, fans, links (but also did not know where it would have made an
€€€ impact, cause of no rank tracking / SeRP tracking / volume .. Should reinvest at least 10% into stuff
that boost biz.
– doing CPC again and burning money!!! Only do CPC on my own products and projects!!!
– No competition checking / analyze (but not a real problem cause rank tracking would do that ). Later
analyzed a lot with YouTube…. Eg found out there is like interest for kites, knifes and not mouch YT comp
on Paleo-Diät low carb and gluten free ON YOUTUBE! But a a ton on blogs.
– being to persistent rankin my blogs. Though they have too short articles. Too many competitors and low
search volume per KW.
– buying PBN Links but boosting unimportant KWs and sites with no chance to rank.. Quit that now. Still
waiting for SERP to flatten out and check best supplier ongoing!
– no cheap way to boost videos (not sustainable in long term), also did not know what to boost. DONE!!!
Panel for views and likes. Now know what to boost, eg top 2-9 videos, low comp, medium search volume,
and CTR generating…
– nonsense not analyzed titles with no search volume!!! It is still al keyword based search engine!! Done.
Never ever any blabla free text titles again. Does not work in GERMAN!!!
– fear of success English … German = easier, faster??? Wrong. Same effort but 1/20 of possible
success!!! And for ranking, I still could target low hanging keywords and still be in low competition but
higher search volume!!! So in the end I would just give it another title, other keyword, do thyou same
boosting and get more … DONE.
– no cheap way for subscribers. DONE.
– trying to bot for YouTube subscribers. It is not my bizz.. Another software to monitor that is not really
related to my core bizz.
– sold social media products – but neglected the low paying annoying customer… Used the traffic to
affiliate now.. Have to create some more and skinned videos.
– no tags . Done. Got vidiq for this. Monster cool tool.
– not clear about YT „secret“ ranking factors. Now now ranking factors, still a bit unclear what is one of the
major ones..
– no rich peers to motivate . Done, Skype groups .
– no software to track rankings!!! Done.
– no software to manage SM accounts. Done. And I can generate money with this.
– still have to fix the high cost of proxy. Eg get more accs, or somehow use them in another way.
– no affordable strong Links. Still ongoing supplier test.
– no clear goals. 5k a month and 25k for my own GMBH.
– no clear why. Traveling the world and living free from corporate slavery like in the past.
– no clear new standards.
– not pissed off enough!!! I am pissed. At me
– not treated with employee spirit : getting up at 9′ , working till13. 1 hour pause. Working till 18… Trying
this for a few days. Was nice.
– no NEW ways to make income to motivate growth , eg CPI promotion. It is a nice small side income.
Have to scale this though.
– no knowing what is working and why…eg why some videos rank and some get no views.. Got enough of
inside now.
– not reminding bizz lifecycle of products. Some drop off after a while. Like hardware… Had to learn it the
hard way.
– not focusing on value output. Eg videos for €, traffic or leads. Completely switched from blabla videos
to income or traffic generating videos.
– stopped doing good things, like Adsense.!! Implemented Adsense via CPC display ads again. It lowers
CTR to optin. But really, all this list building is so indirect here. So low volume. So low CTR, rather get
50cent CPC that’s some optin.
– not testing new stuff „value hypothesis „. Ratio could be like 30-50%, rest is doing what worked in the
past. Testing a lot in the past.
– doing too much of „hobby“, eg long videos with no clear keyword focus. My German niche audience is
too small for viral growth of mouth.
– stopped doing biwi papers. Have to redo this again.
– not working enough. Sometimes just 15/week!!! And if I worked it was for videos with no search volume.
40h workweek. Yes!
– losing biwi SeRP results to sponsored and „I don’t want to make money“ Germanzz.
– not enough working ON THE BIZZ, and to little in the bizz.